Saturday, July 16, 2011

Really Big Love

It's about taking your daughter to Disneyland and letting it be about her, and about her and her dad (no matter how much it hurt me), and about her and her sister.. and not about me.

It's about doing what I have to do to stay healthy, even if it doesn't make me look like the "perfect" I'd like to be. That's a really big love, for me, and for my kids.

It's about letting yourself fall again, for the hundredth time, even though nothing is certain and little is likely, because some love is so big that you don't get to go around or get over it.. you just get in and go through it, and sometimes there's no end, because love is an infinite thing. Infinite, but ever-changing, and when you can change and evolve and still love someone bigger every day as they change and evolve too...

Regardless of what happens on the journey, that's a beautiful thing.

My love is huge-mongous. For my kids, for my friends, for HIM, and .. for me.

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