Tuesday, January 3, 2012


2012... man, where do I start? :)
The year obviously started off with great potential, considering that I started it with someone totally amazing who helped me remember how to just smile and have fun. Someone who reminded me what it feels like to have good friends who care about you.. and who care enough to be honest, too.
That set the tone for the rest of the year, though I still had some major hurdles to overcome just to get back to living like a "normal person".
I got my license back and got a car that worked for me and my kids. We got our independence back and I was able to get a job that kept me on my feet and that I enjoyed most of the time.
I finally was able to reach past my fear of failure and disappointment and set some major goals for myself, and did what it took to make those things happen. I got my GED. I got my passport. I went to Thailand and ate gross food (haha).
I became a better, more patient mother to my children.. more emotionally "present" for them and much stronger.
I made some major steps toward securing an emotionally fulfilling AND financially independent future for me and my children and am now feeling confident in my ability to take care of my family.
I let go of some things that were very hard to let go of, but that were weighing me down in many ways. This opened up room in my life for new, better things. Although I was scared that nothing would fill the empty spaces, they were filled with love and happiness and emotional growth that I couldn't have attained any other way.
I slowly but surely began loving myself, more every day, and am sure this will be a continuous lesson throughout my life. Because of that, I was/am able to love other people more openly and fully and opened myself up to a great relationship with a guy who loves me completely for who I am and also sees my full potential and encourages me to live it.
2012 has been the best year of my life so far, but I plan to make 2013 give it a run for its money. :)
(phew... that was difficult)
(thanks SDL for the idea)


  1. This is amazing! I haven't tried doing something like this but I can see how it would be really difficult in some spots... congrats on accomplishing all this!

  2. Awesome!! I hope everything in here comes true for you! Love you woman! You are beautiful and amazing.

  3. read this to yourself...every day of 2012. read it and believe it. you WILL do it. know why? because you CAN. love you...