Monday, April 11, 2011

MORE random

Went to cali!
The best part? The beach, hands down. I can FEEL it when I'm near it, even if I can't see or hear it. I just know. And it heals my soul.

See.. I would never look that goofy if I wasn't deliriously happy.

(Steph, if you're reading this, I wished you'd been there).

I put my toes in the sand and let the tide freeze them to death.. Brent danced.. I spun around like a little kid...

That is my happiness, my peace. Where I heal my soul.
I was fortunate to go to two beaches and had a traveling partner who was very chill and easy to hang out with.

Saw/stayed with my BFF from childhood and caused our usual havoc ;-)

Had a "meeting" with Sophia's .. other DNA donator..
and spent about 20 mins with a man who I fell in love with 7 yrs ago and... timing has never been on my side, so he is now married with a baby. And we both still.. feel that pull. It was nice to see him. But.. bittersweet. I had a chance. I lost it. That doesn't come along so often... sometimes never. Sometimes once.
I lost it. :(

Dealing with a lot of emotions right now. Haven't slept for 48 hours. Should.

Beginning to see the "passed on" regularly, as a part of regular every day life. It startles me, still. Don't know that it will ever be easy for me. But I'm constantly being reminded by my guides and angels that we are protected. I think something big is coming, that will test us all to the max. But I think that I am strong enough, and I have help.

Now, if I could only know what is right for me.. which way to go, what step to take next.
Limbo is not my favorite place. Denial is. But neither gets me far.


  1. How many Stephs do you know???

  2. A lot.. but I was talking about Stephanie A :)