Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Be realistic: Plan for a miracle" — Osho

The more Osho that I read, the more I love him. Someone who lives so fully by joy in the mere fact that we ARE who we were born as. That we need not search for or become more, that we are perfect and only need uncover that. His philosophy of joy and laughter.

And as I have witnessed some seemingly small but truly great miracles over the past week or so.... I am still very much clinging to hope for the one I've been manifesting for years.

Two nights ago I had a bomb dropped on me.. never saw it coming, never expected it, and my first reaction was, what I called at the time, "realism". Pessimism. Expecting the worst.

Now I am reading and talking to more enlightened and positive friends and searching for ways to become more joyful, because I simply cannot allow myself to be any lower.. Yesterday I let myself feel it all. I cried and cried. I talked about it. I voiced my fears and my truths...

And now I'm wondering... is it realistic to plan for this miracle? Or is it stupid?

What if I just chose to believe the best... followed a path I never even considered.. look foolish to everyone I know? And things don't turn out the way that I want them to?

Does that mean a miracle didn't occur?

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