Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's one of the stages of grief, right?
I've been through a lot of grieving, the past few years. Of various kinds. Death comes in many, many forms.

Right now I'm angry. With people, with myself.. with the universe. I know my path and I accept it, but begrudgingly.
So, how can I work with an entity that I'm at odds with?
How do I bring myself to peace with the path that is mine, no matter how I try to tip-toe around the hard parts (which seems, so far, to be every inch of it)?

Put my head down... let the wind blow.. try to breathe? Accept that life will never be fair or just.... that bad things happen to good people.. ESPECIALLY to good people?

I apologize for my less-than-inspiring post today.
I'm in a rut, one that we all know well. I can't do good for others as I am failing to do good for myself, no matter how I try. I'm trying to develop spiritually while devaluing my spirituality.

If you are at odds with yourself you are not happy

this much I have always known...

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